Official Rules for Small Sided Games

 Official rules for this section are coming soon!



Summary Table

The following table summarizes many of the differences between rules for different age groups.

Referees: All teams should have a dedicated Grade 9 or better referee for their home matches. For the U11-12 and U13-14 divisions referees are assigned through the Tri-Cities Soccer Referee Association’s (TCSRA) Arbiter system. However, with the increasing demand and the limited pool of existing referees TCSRA cannot guarantee all matches will be filled. As such, these teams should also have a dedicated Grade 9 or better referee who can contact their assignor to request your matches. This is a great opportunity for a parents to step up and take the Referee course (on line) and learn more about the game – volunteer for their child’s team, and the ability to make some money on the side.

Washington Youth Soccer Rules of Competition

T-CYSA’s rules of competition for its younger age groups are derived from Washington Youth Soccer’s small-sided program rules, given in Rule 302 (which starts on page 62) of the Washington Youth Soccer Administrative Handbook.

FIFA Laws of the Game

Washington Youth Soccer’s rules of competition are derived from the FIFA Laws of the Game.


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