Players wishing to participate on any T-CYSA team must first register with T-CYSA.

All coaches (U5-U19), assistant coaches (U5-U19), and competitive team managers (U9-U19) must receive a Washington Youth Soccer risk management clearance before working with their players. This clearance is applied for as part of the volunteer registration process described on this page.

If you have any questions about registering, please contact the T-CYSA Office via email(preferred) or by calling 509-544-0276.

Program Descriptions

The recreational program is for children ages 4-13 (U5-U14). It is a non-competitive program designed to teach the FUNdamentals of soccer in a friendly atmosphere in which all players get equal playing time. All games are scheduled on Saturdays at the T-CYSA Soccer Complex in Pasco. You will also need to purchase a uniform kit (includes home and away jerseys, shorts, and socks) approximately $37.00, shin guards, water bottle, appropriate size soccer ball, and if your team does not have a parent who will take the referee course there will possibly be a $20 referee fee per player if a parent does not step up to be a referee and pass the course, certifying him/her to be a certified referee. Certified referees are required for all games.

Competitive clubs offer competitive soccer programs for children ages 8-18 (U9-U19). There are different levels of competitive soccer to choose from. These programs involve travel, mostly within Washington and neighboring states. Most teams participate in various tournaments.

Separate Accounts Needed

Our registration system requires separate accounts for recreational and competitive programs; it is not smart enough to let a single account serve multiple programs. It also requires separate accounts for each competitive program; if you already have an account for one competitive club, you need to create a separate account for a different competitive club.

For example, say you have two children, three years apart in age. When you register the older child for U5, you create an account for the recreational programs. Call this “Account R”. When you register the younger child for U5, three years later, you add the younger child to your existing Account R. When you first register the older child for a competitive club, you create an account for this club. Call this “Account C”. You will use Account R to register the younger child and Account C to register the older child until you register the younger child for the competitive club, at which point you add the younger child to your existing Account C.

Register to Play

  1. Age Groups and Fees

    Fall 2014 – Spring 2015

    Younger children play in T-CYSA’s recreational program, which has a club in each city (Kennewick, Pasco, Richland, and West Richland) that organizes teams within its own area. These clubs are referred to as T-CYSA’s “recreational city clubs”. Older children play in one of T-CYSA’s competitive clubs, which organize teams that typically each contain players from all over the Tri-Cities area.

    The following table shows the range of birth dates that defines each age group, and the organization responsible for each age group. The “U” in an age group stands for “Under”.



    A discount of $5 is offered for each subsequent child from the same household registered after the first child. The following table shows the date that registration opens and the annual fee associated with each organization.


    Organization Register For Registration Opens Register By Annual Fee
    recreational city clubs Fall 2014 – Spring 2015 April 7, 2014 Mid August 2014
    • April 7 till May 10th “$10 early registration discount”: U5-U10 at $120, U11-U14 at $160.  This covers 8 weeks in the Fall and 8 weeks in the Spring

    • August 1 – late fee of $25 is charged

    recreational RCL Academy Fall 2014 – Spring 2015 April 7, 2014 Your Tryout Date
    • U9 – U10: $215
    Three Rivers Soccer Club Fall 2014 – Spring 2015 April 7, 2014 Your Tryout Date
    • Select: $249
    • RCL: $395
  2. If you cannot afford to register your child, you can apply for a scholarship.
  3. Register:

Register to Volunteer

If you have an existing account in the system (from registering your child to play or from registering to volunteer), use that account to register to volunteer. Otherwise, create a new account by choosing the “NO, I do not have a member account” option when it is presented to you. Click one of the following links to begin:

Note that registering to volunteer is a separate process from choosing a volunteer position for the parent/guardian during the player registration process.

Please note that volunteers have to register in Bonzi to sign up to volunteer (coach/team manager/treasurer) and click on the second link for the RMA check.

Process for WA Youth Soccer Volunteers The link to Affinity for background checks for WA Youth Soccer volunteers is This URL will redirect to the risk management system in Affinity.

For those who have created Affinity accounts for State Cup, the same username and password will be your login. If you have forgotten your password, use this link to recover your password:


Phone: 509-544-0276         FAX: 509-542-0395       6160 Burden Blvd, Pasco, WA 99301